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Friday, February 20, 2015

  ~ Lush Is Simply Amazing...

Lush is defiantly one of my favorite stores. They have so many natural products. I have been loving all of these lush products.
Let's first start with my most favorite, the shower jelly. This jelly comes in a cute pot. It is very moisturizing and soapy. It feels like putting jelly on your skin, and sometimes can be very slick. I personally love how it smells so fresh. I almost want to literally eat it. This one is called "Sweetie Pie". The next one I got was the massage bars. I got one strawberry, and the other in a lavender scent (shaped like a hand). I like these a lot too. Love the smell. Don't worry they are more moisturizing than you think. They are definitely nice in the winter to message your dry hands with. This last one kind of goes with the message bars. It is called "Putty for your Hands".  I like using this to wash with because it doesn't sting while washing my dry hands. This one goes so well because you can use this to wash your hands and after you wash them then you can put the message bar on them. In just days you hands will be simply soft.
And that's why lush is so amazing!
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