Eyeshadow For Brown Eyes

Monday, August 17, 2015

A good percentage of us have brown eyes, and when you see brands they always advertise girls with blue, green, and hazel eyes with rarely ever brown. Many people are unaware of how good brown eyes can look with different colors to make them stand out. Brown eyes have a nice neutral color that can pretty much match any color you put with them. You can make your eyes stand out ideally with
plums, blues, purple shades, greens, metallic gold and pink, and earth like tones. For metallic colors use white eyeliner to really bring out your brown eyes. The darker your brown eyes are the deeper the colors work best.

You first have to find you shade of brown eyes, whether its dark brown, medium brown, or light brown eyes. If you have dark brown eyes then deep purples, deep greens, or even a charcoal grey. For a nighttime look use gold metallic's for a nighttime look. For medium brown eyes plums, greens, and bronze colors look great. Lastly, if you have light brown eyes different shades of brown and earthy tones highlight your eyes. Make sure to keep the rest of your makeup looking minimal if you have any of these three eye shades so your brown eyes will really stand out above the rest. 

For my dark brown eyes I like to use the Naked 3 palette for daytime wear and at night I like to wear metallic's such as the Maybelline 24hr Color Tattoo. 

What makes your eyes stand out? 
(feel free to answer brown eyes or not)



  1. That pallete is gorgeous! As a nrown eyed person this is going to come in really helpful :)
    -Morgs x


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