Love Of November Favourites...

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

These November favorites will make you smile!
Wet Brush - This hair brush is works for all hair types. It has flexible, thin, super strong bristles that work through your hair effortlessly. This brush is firm enough to get through you're knots, but flexible enough to protect your scalp. This is one of the BEST detangling brushes I have ever used.

Maybelline Eye Studio Color Tattoo Metal (55 Inked in Pink) - I have never realized how easy cream eye shadow would be. I don't think I want to go back powder eye shadow now. The Maybelline Eye Studio Color Tattoo-Metallic is very long lasting. It also doesn't crease like many powder shadows. I went through a day of school and it was like I just put it on.

CoverGirl Outlast Illumina All-Day Lipcolor - If you want a lipstick that will last you then this is it.  This has a very soft metallic finish. It also comes with a lip balm to apply for moisture. I had to apply this now and then and right after I eat. Although it stays, and not that hard to get it off!

CoverGirl Lipperfection Lip Liner - This is a very creamy and moisturizing lip liner because it contains 60% of skin conditioners. Very pigmented as well. I have the liner above that is in the color "beloved". I use this color for many of my dark pinks to berry reds, which is most of my lipstick colors. This lip liner is so lipperfection.

Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balm - This is a very vibrant, velvet, moisturizing balm. It has a soft balm like feel. This is a retractable crayon so no sharpening needed. The balm is filled with Shea, mango, and coconut butter for moister.

Milani Shadow Eyez 12 HR Wear Eyeshadow Pencil - A shadow, liner, and highlighter in one. It is water resistant and crease-proof. This such a buttery eyeshadow, and catches the light. I have the color "1 Winter White". I like this color because its the lightest one. I am very pale so it highlights but not too light.

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Creamy-Matte & Glistening Autumn Lipsticks...

Friday, November 14, 2014

These autumn lipsticks are two of my favorites. They are both amazingly creamy and pigmented. The two I have in the pictures above are 660 Touch Of Spice (matte) and 105 Pink Wink (regular). I love these great high quality lipsticks because they are so weightless on your lips you don't even realize that its there. If you have dry lips always or just at the moment don't expect this to do the job. I would strongly recommend a layer of lip balm or chap stick to keep it moisturized (Bert's Bees, Baby Lips, EOS, or Vaseline etc..). I like how they supply your lips with a burst of color and a creamy surge of texture. They are both very similar in color, but different in finishes.
The packaging is so elegant and smooth. I love the finish of the entire product. You can find these Maybelline creamy lip colors at very reasonable prices. The 660 Touch Of Spice (Matte) is $5.49, and the 105 Pink Wink is only $5.59 at
What's Your Favourite Fall Lipstick?
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