Bigger, Brightening Eye Makeup

Monday, September 7, 2015

We all have those nights where we are up till 12 or later watching TV or studying/doing homework and the next day you wake up with dark saggy under eye circles. This is particularity me most every day. With that being said I have made a roundup of things I do to make your eyes bigger and brighter to combat the dark under eye circles.

As my eyes are the most pronounced feature on my face, I will only want to amplify them. I first tackle the under eye with a cold spoon I left in the fridge overnight. I put the spoon under and over my lids for about a minute. This for me preforms as an eye cream to help tone down puffiness.
Soon after that I apply Urban Decay's Eyeshadow Primer Potion around my entire lid and under eye using my ring fingers or a beauty blender to blend it. This not only will color correct but, avoid from creasing and melting off acting as a primer.
Next, I will apply my Instant Age Rewind Concealer over top of the primer using my off brand beauty blender to blend it out. This concealer is really lightweight and thin, so that primer we just put on will give this some backup coverage, but this concealer gives a very natural brightened look that looks clean and effortless.
With everything completely concealed, I will center now making my eyes brighter and bigger.  To do that I will take a bit of highlight with a crease brush and put it in my inner eye. Then, taking a white or nude liner (I prefer white) putting that on the lower lash line to take out any redness in that area. This will shape your eyes to look more awake.
As a final touch, I like to wear a mascara that makes your lashes flare and make lashes longer for an open eyed look. My favorite mascara to do that with is the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara. It does a great job at holding a favorable curl and making your lashes appear longer and fuller. But before I apply my mascara I use a lash curler for better results. Then, my last step is to set everything with my all time favorite matte powder, Rimmel Stay Matte. It will set the look for a long lasting finish.

How do you like to make your eyes look awake?



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