September Goals 2016

Sunday, September 4, 2016

New. Fresh clean slate. September. Its a new month. Summer is now gone. School is starting and it is bitter-sweet. It is a bliss time to make goals. I like making goals for myself to achieve. I like beginning a start of something new. Creating a better start than last month is ideal for me. The goals I am mentioning are ideal for myself in making me better as a person. I don't want this to be goals straight to my blog or for school. Making goals for my personal self will make better progress in the things I do. So, I want to keep this casual. No ranting on and on. Just a list of personal goals...

4 Everyday Lipsticks

Friday, September 2, 2016

As easy as it may seem finding an everyday lipstick can be hard. I truly had to work up to this bunch of lipsticks I love. Most of these are pink-nudes because they match with pretty much anything. Who does not love a nice nude color on the lips for a pop of color. Also In these four sticks I added in a red color. A red can make the look even if you do not have time for eye shadow. Then of course a pink when you are feeling it. Those are the colors and now here are the lipsticks for that...

Feeling Down & Out About Blogging

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Normally I like to have a general beauty, fashion, or lifestyle post idea and theme I want to rant about. But, recently I haven't been feeling it. Every idea I've tried to decide on losses power in my brain and tells me its not good enough. I have been comparing myself lately to other bloggers and blogs that are more successful and prettier than mine. Their pictures are perfect and they know what they are doing. These are some things I like to tell myself...

A More Enjoyable Workout: For Those of us Who Don't Like to Excercise

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Oh how much I dislike working out. It has grown on me, working out hasn't always been a chore.
Its only if I go to the gym every day it gets boring and tiring doing the elliptical and tread mill for an hour. I'm sure if your reading this you most likely loath working out too. I have been going to the gym lately on my own and its not always the most ideal for me. I have found some ways that your workout can become more enjoyable - I can't say it will be nothing but fun but hopefully make your unhappy thoughts about the workout go a way a little...

Freshly Pinked

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Spring is my favorite time for wearing makeup; it’s not too cold and not too hot to where the point you makeup is melting off. I often find myself applying additional products because the weather is so superior. I can never go on my Pinterest board without seeing a pink made up face. I love wearing pink on the lids and a pinky blush on the cheeks. Since spring is one of my adored makeup wearing seasons here is some of the things pink I have been loving…

What I Fancy To Do Online 2016

Friday, January 1, 2016

First and for most Happy New Year! Now that the New Year has plunk we have a fresh set of 12 months ahead of us. When it comes to the New Year, resolutions are the toughest to hold on to. I’m not truly one to share them or even write them but it was only significant to because I haven’t ever done this particular post in my two years of blogging. So here is what I want to achieve on my blog 2016:

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