Mosturising Fall Lips!

Saturday, October 18, 2014
Do you ever get dry lips? I do. I hate having dry lips, and it gets even worse in the fall and through the winter. So, I had to find a solution. I found the following products at the drugstore and they really help with my dry lips, I don't think I would survive without them...

During the day...
EOS(the purple egg)- I really like using EOS. I like using this for day lip care. This really doesn't do much to help you moisturize your lips all day long, I just use it to touch up my lips after I put on a nice layer of baby lips in the morning.

In the AM...

I like using an Baby Lips  or Bert's Bees in the morning. Either of these will keep those lips looking great with a shine for the morning as well as moisturizing.

In the PM...

At night I use the Vaseline Lip Therapy. This is one of the best lip moisturizing balms. This puts a pink sheer on your lips. Keeping your lips pink for all tomorrows perfection.

I hope these help your dry lips entering this fall!

5 Top Tips To Appling Pencil Eyeliner...

Monday, October 13, 2014

Pencil eyeliner is not always easy and takes some practice. Some of these tips you may already know but I'm hoping that most of these tips will help most of you new to this.

1. Always work in parts, using dotted lines with light strokes across your eye work well for me. 

2. It's was also really hard for me to keep the line straight. Now I rest my pinkie finger on my cheek and it helps a lot better to keep a steady hand. 

3. To get a cleaner line pull the skin away from your eye.  

4. To make your eyelashes look bigger and bold make a thicker and more darker line.

5. To make your eyes look bigger I like to keep the line going a little beyond the outer corners.


The Color Of Fall...

Friday, October 10, 2014
When it comes to fall, I love using eye shadow in many different fall shades. These are some of my favorites>>>

1. I love the fall and these fall colors really get me in the mood for fall. The first one is the Victoria Secret Silk Wear Shimmering Powder Eye Colour in the color 87 Starry Eyed. ($11.00) 

2. This one is my favorite, the Maybelline Expert Wear eye shadow in all the colors of Mocha Motion. This is one of the best kits, I like this one for the all in one feature with directions on where to apply it, and of course of its crazy cute colors

3. I also really like the Victoria Secret Eye Colour 1 Brush. It is really soft and silky and has a great tip for blending as well as applying.

4. The MK Signature threesome pallet comes with blush and makeup brushes. I really like this combination and color. Although in the picture I only showed the eye shadows that pop out.

You Are Beautiful No Matter What You Say!

Monday, October 6, 2014

“Every girl is beautiful no matter if you have acne, scares, freckles, or marks. Everybody is unique and have their own unique beautiful face. Makeup is just something express your style not your beauty. Don’t think you’re ugly because nobody is. If you ever think you are ugly for a little flaw, that flaw is the beauty in you. Everybody should be proud of their beautiful face. “

---- Alexis Spears
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