3 Natural Ways To Clear Acne Scars...

Friday, May 15, 2015
For lots of people acne products can be expensive and sometimes it doesn't even work.
With these super easy and natural ideas, your acne scars will be scared away! And don't worry these are too safe to use! I have tested all on the following items, and the other ones I have not tried will be listed at the end...

Lemon Juice is very affective and you feel it. It can sting or feel itchy, but after all it does an amazing job. You can apply the lemon juice in a small bowl, you won't be needing much. I like to add water for less of a sting or itchy feeling. Make sure to use it only on designated spots, less itchy/stinging feeling. Keep this on for as long as you feel, and rinse it off with some cool water. Have you ever used lemon juice in your hair to make it lighter? Well it does the same thing to your face so make sure to stay out of sunlight so you won't burn up. I definitely recommend this! 
I have to say, Potato Juice is my favorite one to use. I love how this feels on my skin. Its not over drying, and feels clean. I basically cut a potato in half and cut slits into the freshly cut side. This will make juice. All you do is just rub this all over your face. It makes you skin so soft and removes scaring all in one. Leave this on for a good fifteen minutes and done!
Aloe Vera is also amazing. If it can treat red hot sunburn It will treat your scars perfectly! Don't worry about this stinging or drying out your skin, its made to moisturize! Its an easy one. You buy it and put it on and keep it on, no sweat. Aloe Vera can be cheap, and is available at any drug stores, some grocery stores carry it as well.
I have heard other ones worked as well, but I didn't want to talk about these other natural remedies because I didn't know if they would work or not. I just looked into it and read about it. I didn't want to lie to you guys. Here they are...
Cucumber, Honey, & Baking soda.
What is your favorite Acne Scar Remedies?


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