What I Fancy To Do Online 2016

Friday, January 1, 2016

First and for most Happy New Year! Now that the New Year has plunk we have a fresh set of 12 months ahead of us. When it comes to the New Year, resolutions are the toughest to hold on to. I’m not truly one to share them or even write them but it was only significant to because I haven’t ever done this particular post in my two years of blogging. So here is what I want to achieve on my blog 2016:

Be More Creative – I find it hard to create valuable content, It take long days of time and effort to create a post from yourself. I often use other blogs as reference too much. I also sometimes feel posts that aren’t made from me aren’t good enough. I feel as though I’m replicating other blogging styles as well. I don’t mean to I just really admire other bloggers creativity and have a hard time creating mine. I feel I should get more creative and stop this habit.

Better Photography – White flushed out photos are my favorite. I’m still learning how to edit my photos and I’m currently using the apps “Afterlight” and “Enlight” on my phone. Stock photos have been saving me hehe as I’m using one today. I’m hoping to one day shift to a canon camera to get clearer and better quality white photos. 

More Productive – Mostly with blog posts and commenting. With school in my way it’s hard to spill out some content. Even though I can’t predict how much work they are going to give me, I want to try anytime I get a free chance to blog. Anew with commenting. I find commenting effortless with a spare minute rather than taking an hour to produce quality content. I also love commenting to be more personable with other bloggers, nothing better than a lovely comment sitting on your blog. I yearn I had more time to do these things and I will whirl my best to be as productive as I can.

Thank you, everyone, for another great year of blogging! I hope you all have a wonderful and blessed new year!

What are your blogging/personal new year’s resolutions?



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