A New Favorite Mascara?

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Maybelline Lash Sensational

Finding the right mascara doesn't come to easy for me. I have the shortest, anti-volume lashes ever.  Most of the time I do put on mascara and it just doesn't stay. Going through tons of different mascaras every one was doing the same thing...
I have been seeing so many great reviews on the Maybelline Lash Sensational I just had to try it out! First of all I think the packaging looks amazing, its like a metallic purple/pink shade. I have to say this mascara does not only look pretty it has done a good job holding the curl. On the mascara wand the bristles are shorter on the inner curve and longer on the outer side. I love the way its shaped, but when you apply its a very wet formula. It definitely gets some getting used to, because it can be messy. So don't be worried if you don't like it at first, because I didn't know how to work it/use it. You kind of have to learn it. Since this formula is nicely wet it would be a great eyeliner. just take a small angled brush and use it to line your eyes. Another great feature about this mascara is that it doesn't get crunchy or flaky. Don't be worried it doesn't tug your lashes either. Maybelline didn't lie because it really gave me a full fan effect with volume. This mascara really gave me the volume on my lower lash as much as my upper lash and comes off so swiftly with eye makeup remover. This mascara has worked better than any other mascara I've used, and definitely my favorite mascara right now!

What's your favorite mascara?



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