A More Enjoyable Workout: For Those of us Who Don't Like to Excercise

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Oh how much I dislike working out. It has grown on me, working out hasn't always been a chore.
Its only if I go to the gym every day it gets boring and tiring doing the elliptical and tread mill for an hour. I'm sure if your reading this you most likely loath working out too. I have been going to the gym lately on my own and its not always the most ideal for me. I have found some ways that your workout can become more enjoyable - I can't say it will be nothing but fun but hopefully make your unhappy thoughts about the workout go a way a little...

Distract Yourself - There are so many things you can get your brain caught up in. Listening to music might help in which a lot of people do. I find that podcasts usually get me through (let me know if you would like to see a round-up of them in a later post I would be happy to). Some more ideas to distract yourself...audiobooks, puzzles/games, watching Netflix, YouTube, TV etc. If you want to be more productive respond to emails or write a blog post and I can not think of any more but there is so much more than listed.

Take a Class at the Gym/Home - Between the online world and the gym classes there is a variety of exercise classes you can take. At the gym there is Zumba (my favorite), Step, Cycle, Yoga, etc. If you don't feel like leaving the space of your home these are not limited to you. There are lots of workout videos you can watch to achieve a more enjoyable workout. There are even some videos that you can do in the tiny space of your dorm.

Exercise with a partner/group - Usually when someone is exercising with you it helps you feel less on your own and more of - someone is going through the same thing I am and we can get through this together. Plus you have someone to talk to you so that you can easily be distracted. You could invite friends to the gym to hang out with them whilst your exercising instead of going to the movies or mall.

Switch Things Up a Bit - Change it around! If you like doing the tread mill first maybe do the elliptical instead. Sometimes I know I can get bored with doing the same Zumba class or going to the gym at the same time everyday. Making your routine different can help greatly.

What do you enjoy doing to make your workout a more enjoyable one? And let me know if this post helped you any.

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