September Goals 2016

Sunday, September 4, 2016

New. Fresh clean slate. September. Its a new month. Summer is now gone. School is starting and it is bitter-sweet. It is a bliss time to make goals. I like making goals for myself to achieve. I like beginning a start of something new. Creating a better start than last month is ideal for me. The goals I am mentioning are ideal for myself in making me better as a person. I don't want this to be goals straight to my blog or for school. Making goals for my personal self will make better progress in the things I do. So, I want to keep this casual. No ranting on and on. Just a list of personal goals...

4 Everyday Lipsticks

Friday, September 2, 2016

As easy as it may seem finding an everyday lipstick can be hard. I truly had to work up to this bunch of lipsticks I love. Most of these are pink-nudes because they match with pretty much anything. Who does not love a nice nude color on the lips for a pop of color. Also In these four sticks I added in a red color. A red can make the look even if you do not have time for eye shadow. Then of course a pink when you are feeling it. Those are the colors and now here are the lipsticks for that...

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