Mosturising Fall Lips!

Saturday, October 18, 2014
Do you ever get dry lips? I do. I hate having dry lips, and it gets even worse in the fall and through the winter. So, I had to find a solution. I found the following products at the drugstore and they really help with my dry lips, I don't think I would survive without them...

During the day...
EOS(the purple egg)- I really like using EOS. I like using this for day lip care. This really doesn't do much to help you moisturize your lips all day long, I just use it to touch up my lips after I put on a nice layer of baby lips in the morning.

In the AM...

I like using an Baby Lips  or Bert's Bees in the morning. Either of these will keep those lips looking great with a shine for the morning as well as moisturizing.

In the PM...

At night I use the Vaseline Lip Therapy. This is one of the best lip moisturizing balms. This puts a pink sheer on your lips. Keeping your lips pink for all tomorrows perfection.

I hope these help your dry lips entering this fall!


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