Lip Colors, No Need To Buy!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014
If you are lacking on you new favorite lippies, and think you are missing out.
You don't have to miss out anymore!
All you have to do is take a colorless lipbalm, or a lip color you already have and apply that to your lips. Then take one of your favorite eyeshadow colors and apply that as a top coat to create a color. The eyeshadow amazingly locks in the moister of your chapstick to keep it from moving. I thought this was a really nice idea for all of those really expensive lipsticks and just pay $20 on eyeshadow palettes and a simple lipbalm or chapstick to create a color of your own. Or if you have an eyeshadow you don't like to use or using the cheep brands would work just fine on your lips. Now you can create colors that aren't even in stores yet!

~Make sure to leave a comment on your favorite lip-eye shadow combinations below~

xx Lexi


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  2. this is such a good idea, I've used translucent powder before to set and matte my lipstick but i never thought of doing this! will definitely be trying it out.


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