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Sunday, December 14, 2014
Makeup brushes can get built up with dirt and germs almost every day. Its important to clean them.
 How often should I clean them?
Some people clean them every two weeks, others may do them monthly, or yearly. I usually do them monthly because I think that is about the time I see them getting dirty. I think as long as you wash the makeup out of the brush that's all that's counts.
How do I clean them?
I heard that most people clean them with olive oil and anti - bacterial soap. I have tried that and it worked well, and moisturized my brush, but It made it smell like olive oil. I really didn't like the smell of that. I now use any hair conditioner and some shampoo. I also like to use the dove soap hand bar. It makes my brushes moisturized and smell nice and clean. Any of these would work! Just add ingredients in a bowl and move the brush in a circular motion, then rinse with luke warm water.
How Do You Clean Your Makeup Brushes?
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