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Friday, December 5, 2014

If I ever put my hair up in a braid I always like to go for this quick & simple knot braid/fishtail. I love how it looks like diamonds beaded down your hair.   
I have a really hard time with getting the fishtail the way I like it and this way is a lot less time consuming. This is actually the one braid I don't complain about doing. All you have to do to make this look happen is first you put your hair into any kind of ponytail you like. Then, you take the hair above the pony holder and poke a hole with your finger. Lastly, you bring the end of the pony towards you and put it through your poked hole. Continue this with ponytail holders until their is no hair left to do it with.
This hairstyle doesn't always look perfect, and you can adjust and make it look the way you want, whether that is messy or absolutely perfect.
This look will last you hours, and easy to take out with less of a tug!
What is your favourite lazy, easy, and quick hairstyle?

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