OPI vs. Essie (Looks Like Essie Is Outnumbered!)

Sunday, September 14, 2014

         OPI and Essie are both very popular and can be found almost in any makeup or drugstore. I personally like OPI because it's thicker and it doesn't streak like Essie. It's also a much better quality. Essie is really thin and you have to put more layers on and it also happens to streak. I also like OPI for the larger brush for faster and easier application and if you have small nails it might not work as well for you. I feel like OPI has more out of the ordinary colors and Essie has the more simple basic colors. I also found that OPI go on sale more often than Essie. I strongly suggest OPI! What is your favorite brand nail polish? (Let me know in the comments below.) Hehe that rhymed... :)  


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