How To Wear A Purple Lip

Monday, June 1, 2015
how to wear a purple lip
Purple lips aren't only for winter, its a fun springy/summer color too! But, sometimes it can be hard too because it can sometimes look a little tacky and unprofessional. So here are some ways you can rock it...
First off you want to make sure it fits your skin tone. You don't have to feel limited to the amount of purple colors that are out their, pick one that you like, there are plenty of purples out their for you. Usually if you have a warmer skin tone it works well with a color between reddish purple to purple, and if you have a cooler skin tone you could go for a range of cooler purples.
Keep everything else minimal, the lipstick is the spotlight and can clash with an eye shadow and add to much color. You want to keep you hair simple as well. You don't want to look like a clown!
Lastly, purple lipstick can make you lips look small, to prevent this simply add a clear lip-gloss to give it a normal look. For an extra, add a little bit of white eye shadow in the inner lips for an ombre lip effect. Make sure to blend it well.
How do you like wearing your purple lipstick?
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