Why I Started a Blog???

Tuesday, August 26, 2014
 It all started when I started watching YouTube, but YouTube wasn't really my thing at first until my cousins showed me. I started out watching Miranda Sings, then found out about her main channel Psychosoprano. I watched her videos all the time until I ran unto Zoella. Its so funny how YouTube is just a chain to other YouTuber's out their! I was obsessed with YouTube! (I still am.)

I got so inspired by these YouTuber's, especially Zoella. I tried asking my parents for a YouTube account and they did not agree to it because its just a way for people to make fun of you. Which is right, I guess because superstars go through that too, and so do YouTuber's. It is hard to except "no" but your parents are doing it to keep you safe and out of trouble. Now I have something to look forward to when I get older! So since that didn't work out, I started making YouTube videos on Private so that nobody can see it but its still on YouTube. 

I used to be into crafts which I still am but after I got more into watching Zoella, I wanted to be just like her. I got into beauty, fashion, and hair which is why I started a blog about both!!! :) :) :) 


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